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We are looking for ideas, innovative business models, and technologies to shape the future of logistics. Apply now and shape the future of logistics. The Start-up Lab provides everything you need to kick-start your idea and develop your solution in a like-minded innovative environment. We help you succeed and create an impact. Join the fourth batch of our program and step into the footsteps of our successful Start-up Lab alumni.

Apply until October 31st 2019

Welcome to Start-up Lab!

We help our colleagues to kickstart innovative business models and the implementation of new technology at Deutsche Post DHL. In our Incubation Program you get the tools and support you need to focus on your logistics-focussed idea. Additionally, we offer services to facilitate innovation within the Group, both at an individual level as well as within the divisions.

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Our Vision

To stay competitive, Deutsche Post DHL Group needs to be at the forefront of innovation. We want to enable our employees to shape the future of logistics and help to promote cultural change and a forward-looking mind-set within our business!

Our Mindset

Many of us have great business ideas tucked away in the back of our minds. We want you to feel free to talk openly about your ideas, to get feedback and develop your concepts. After all entrepreneurship needs to be catching.

Our Methods

We have an entire toolbox of methodologies and support to identify and road test your start-up idea. Depending on your needs, we offer you different solutions and, no matter what happens, always provide a safe space to start, continue or conclude your innovative journey.

Start-Up Lab in Numbers


“Incubating new ideas will allow us to lay the foundations for the logistics business models of the future.”
Thomas Ogilvie, DPDHL Board Member HR
“Start-up Lab can really accelerate things. We built a prototype and tested it in the market within weeks, without long approval processes, without bureaucracy. That is really cool.”
Gregor Prinz, Team Pengwin
“The Start-up Lab provides an opportunity for employees to innovate and actively be change agents within the Group. It encourages the kind of thinking that will allow us to stay ahead of the curve by challenging people to present solutions that are digital, agile and creative.”
Sabine Müller, Global Head DHL Consulting
“By being part of Startup Lab, teams not only get the funding and resources to bring their ideas to reality, but they also get taught how to rapidly validate and develop a solution under the guidance of an experienced Mentor”
Gina Chung, DHL Head of Innovation Americas
“It’s important for the long-term success of our company that we nurture the curiosity and creativity of our workforce. The Start-up Lab provides a space where ideas can be transformed into promising growth opportunities.”
Jill Meiburg, Interim Co-Head of Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL Group
“Start-up Lab provides inspiration and motivation for our team members. To attract and retain the best talent, we need programs that allow them to create and implement new ideas and concepts. Thank you SUL for providing this platform.”
Adrian Kumar, Vice President, Solutions Design North America at DHL

Upcoming and Past events

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Our Services

We support our business in their innovation initiatives, from coming up with new ideas to validating early stage business models. Check out our toolbox of start-up services.

Our Start-Ups

Since 2017 we have supported a diverse group of projects. Get to know some of them and learn about their stories.

Inside Start-up Lab

Take a look inside the Lab and find out who we are, how we work and who we work with.

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