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Since starting in 2017, we have already accompanied some great ideas and some great people on their start-up journeys. Along the way, we’ve watched them climb the steep learning curves, go through the ups and downs of trying to create something people love and gain the insights they need to succeed. Get a feel for those journeys by reading about some of our start-ups below.

Using solar energy cleverly

Team Trailar applies ultra-thin firm solar matting to available space on vehicles’ and trailer’s roofs. The energy then won is used to support the vehicle’s alternator or separate batteries in order to power cooling systems, lifting ramps etc. This does not only save fuel but also reduces CO 2 emissions – thus providing a sustainable contribution to the customer’s climate protection goals.

Current Status

After successful completion of the Start-up Lab program the team now is managing Trailar Ltd., a new entity of DPDHL Group, implementing its solutions within DPDHL as well as for external customers.

Find out more at trailar.co.uk

Digital Manufacturing Case

Industry 4.0 is here. Robotics in manufacturing and logistics is forecasted to grow at an accelerated pace over the coming years and many companies cannot keep pace with disruptive new technologies. Many have an engineering skills gap and face a productivity challenge.

The Digital Manufacturing Team has vast experience in Supply Chain and in understanding how difficult and expensive it is to piece together effective solutions, and solutions involve taking risk on capital investment. Very few integration companies offer all the services required and don’t always have relevant operations experience. DMS provides these services including flexible, zero-capital solutions to increase productivity and close the skills gap for customers.

They build on Trend Research and source new innovation from across our business. Digital Manufacturing by Deutsche Post DHL is a hub for innovative design, sourcing and integration of robotics and automation solutions.

Current status:

DMS is now part of Deutsche Post DHL Supply Chain division and is offering its services to internal as well as external customers.

Find out more at robot4zero.com

Meerkat Inventory

Taking inventory in a warehouse is often costly, time-consuming and repetitive work. On top of this it can also be very dangerous for employees due to the need to work at heights. Meerkat automates the inventory checking process, using ground-based robots outfitted with state-of-the-art computer and camera technologies, as well as the ability to “reach up” to inventory in high racking locations to perform a complete warehouse check. Thus, even the highest high-bay racks can be inventoried, even in the middle of the night with lights off and alarms on, without personnel being present. Meerkat is a first-to-market innovation that combines multiple technologies, leveraging the expertise of key Deutsche Post DHL personnel and strategic partners.

Current status

Meerkat is now part of Deutsche Post DHL Supply Chain and is offering its services to internal as well as external customers.

Find out more at meerkatinventory.com.