April 24, 2019 – 0 Kommentare

Validation Sprint


During this intensive 5-day event we want to:

  • Identify the most critical assumptions around your idea,
  • Set up experiments in order to validate these assumptions, e.g. by building prototypes and test them with real user feedback or by conducting customer interviews,
  • Offer you guidance and support from internal coaches as well as external experts on the necessary technologies, markets or relevant business models,
  • Find out whether the idea is promising enough for you to continue to invest your time and efforts into it, and if so, what potential next steps could be.

After the week, the teams will have hopefully learned Lean Startup methods on how to:

  • Reach out to potential customers and find out whether there is a market need for your idea,
  • Design experiments to test your idea and gather real customer feedback.