Application requirements

A team of up to 4 core members

An innovative idea, ideally demonstrated with a concept or a proof of concept

A vision on how your team will bring the idea to life

The willingness to work in a start-up environment for 4 months to bring your idea to life

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. Complete the Application Form, which you can find as a PowerPoint document on the 
    Start-up Lab MyNet page
  3. Send the completed Application Form to


Applicants are free to add additional individual documents to the application (e.g., ppt, video, prototype). The language for the application is English.


Application tips

  • Want to understand the Lean Start-up approach? See the Start-up Playbook (search MyNet), for how you might create a plan to take your idea forward from concept or proof of concept!

  • If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to pitch to an expert selection committee. Therefore, you might already structure your application as a “ready to use” pitch! See Start-up Playbook (page 22) on myNet

  • Be creative! Supporting media can be a video (e.g. user journey for your solution), or a mock-up of how your idea could look (e.g. app, home page)…there are no limits, creativity is looked upon favorably!

  • The business model canvas is a great tool to describe the most relevant aspects of your idea, particularly for focus area 1 (Explore new digital business models), see Start-up Playbook (page 22)

  • Make sure that you fulfill the minimum submission requirements (please refer to Terms and Conditions), additional media such as a video or sketches are always highly appreciated.

Example Approach: Airbnb seed-pitch|
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Submit your Application

Submission deadline for applications is March 18, 2018.

Once your application is ready, please send it to

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Your application must contain all the required information specified above and adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Please note, there will be another chance in 2018 to apply – later towards summer.