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Application requirements

team of up to 4 core members (of course your team can be bigger, the limit of 4 relates to the number of team members which can participate in our physical get-togethers)

An innovative idea, ideally demonstrated with a concept or a proof of concept

vision on how your team will bring the idea to life

The willingness to work in a start-up environment to bring your idea to life

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. Complete the Application Form, which you can find as a PowerPoint document on the Start-up Lab MyNet page
  3. Send the completed Application Form to

Applicants are free to add additional individual documents to the application (e.g., ppt, video, prototype). The language for the application is English.

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Once your application is ready, please send it to

Your application must contain all the required information specified above and adhere to the Terms and Conditions.